Trademark fully owned by Scott Lewis. All rights reserved.

The following trademark is fully owned by Scott Lewis. All rights reserved. Any usage not expressly granted by Scott Lewis, in writing, is strictly prohibited. No other entity has any legal claim to these trademarks, regardless if they are registered by me or if the party using the trademarks has paid a third party vendor for usage of the trademarks. Scott Lewis has never expressly granted permission to any marketplace, including The Noun Project, to sell, license, or distribute these trademarks.

If you have paid for such usage and believe you are entitled to such usage, you are mistaken. Any third parties in question never sought nor obtained explicit permission to license the artwork in this way. I expressed my disagreement and my refusal to consent to such usage to third parties in question, in writing. I ultimately request all of my artwork be removed over this issue.

I have sought legal counsel on the matter and have been advised that I alone have legal claim to this trademark. As such, no other party may register, trademark, or copyright this artwork or any derivative thereof. Should another party try to do so, I reserve the right to take legal action for damages.

If you are using the artwork and you wish to own it, we can negotiate fair compensation to me, as the creator and owner. You are hereby notified that you are using the artwork without my permission and that you are in violation of my rights. I request that you immediately cease and desist all usage of the artwork and remove it from all properties, correspondences, products, etc. until we have an agreement, in writing, and compensation has been made.

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